4 – 10 year olds


Session 1 | May 26 – May 29  |  Explore It UP

Have you ever heard of a “stay-cation”? New Orleans is a booming city with lots of fun summer activities, despite the heat! Join us for an adventure during this holiday week as we explore the great outdoors. Young Artists will attend morning field trips, returning to Nola Spaces in the afternoon to apply experiences during master classes.

Session 2 | June 1 – June 12  |  UP In Space

This camp is outta this world! Young artists will hitch a ride on a star and travel to a galaxy far, far away to focus on outerspace and science fiction. Sky’s the limit as we explore the unknown, realize the vastness of the universe, and create a performance that’s set in the not-so-distant Jetson’s future of 2062!

Session 3 | June 15 – June 26 | STEAM

Science. Technology. Engineering. ART! Mathematics. Young Artists will nurture both sides of the brain, creating new thinking and problem solving skills, while discovering that art and innovation go hand-in-hand. Each day, community partners will teach master classes that challenge young artists to contemplate solutions to larger problems, such as poverty and climate change.

Session 4 | June 29 – July 3 | UPcycle

Reduce, reuse, repurpose and recycle! Young Artists will be given the opportunity to develop their artistic skills and engage with their peers while making original artwork with everyday objects. In theater new spins will be put on old tales. The dance and music classes will build on already acquired skills and turn them into new choreographed works and compositions. Young Artists will also explore the concept of sustainability as they turn waste into wonderful works of art.

Session 5 | July 6 – July 10 | ART-lympics

We’re hosting our own Summer Games in 2020! For this week-long camp, our young artists will team up with their age groups to compete in the first-ever Upturn ART-lympics. Through art-centered games, young artists will learn to work together to accomplish collaborative and creative goals—all while having fun!

Session 6 | July 13 – July 24 | Tour de Monde

Grab your passport and travel to far off places! This camp will visit a different country every day. From the music and dances, to the artwork and food, Young Artists will explore the world without leaving the comfort of their own neighborhood.

Session 7 | July 27 – August 7 | Lights, Camera, Action!

New Orleans isn’t nicknamed Hollywood of the South for nothing! This camp will focus on movie magic and animation and learn from a staff of seasoned and local actors, writers, designers, and producers to create a one-of-a-kind performance!

Session 8 | August 10 – August 14 | Dream It UP

If you can dream it, you can do it! During this camp, young artists will explore their wildest dreams and draw inspiration for projects from daily field trips around the city.