Become an Art Venture

Upturn Arts is looking for initial investors as part of the organization’s end-of-year giving campaign. As an initial investor, or Art Venture, your monthly, recurring donation will become a direct investment in New Orleans youth through arts education.

How will we measure the return on your investment? Simple. Through the thousands of “upturns” produced by those youth every day. An “upturn” is an improvement or upward trend usually seen in the stock market when a price jumps up. At Upturn Arts, those trends are “Aha!” moments when a young artist fills up with confidence and pride. And just like the prices charted for a stock, those upturns will always be there. They become a part of that stock’s history.

Why would you want to become an Art Venture? Well, unlike a typical venture in which something is risked in hopes of a returned profit, an Art Venture has no risk. It’s all reward! Your investment is guaranteed to produce upturns for our 500 youth through art instruction, meals, life skills, experiences, and creating memories at our camps in 2022. Your generosity will have an immediate and continued impact on our organization.

Compelling Reasons to Give:

  • It feels good!
  • You can watch your investment grow
  • You are guaranteed a return
  • You will inspire others to be generous
  • You believe in Upturn Arts
  • You want to provide #ArtsForAll
  • To get Turned Up for Upturn

Recommended Investments:

  • $5/mo: 1 week of meals for 1 young artist
  • $10/mo: 1 year of art supplies for 1 young artist
  • $25/mo: 1 week camp for 1 young artist
  • $50/mo: 1 camp performance for 20 young artists
  • $100/mo: 1 field trip fo 20 young artists
  • $500/mo: thousands of Upturns

How to become an Art Venture:

  • Click HERE to go to the donation page
  • Choose a monthly donation from the list on the right
  • Fill out your contact and payment information
  • Get Turned UP for Upturn every month!