Class Descriptions

The following classes are currently offered at Upturn Arts throughout the 2017-2018 school year.

Check back frequently for updates on classes offered at Nola Spaces and other partner locations.

  • African Drumming – Music – ages 4-12 years

Young artists will learn basic rhythms and patterns of African drumming using jimbes and/or djun djuns. This class will incorporate listening and reciting skills as well as composition of new rhythms.

  • Audition Prep/Techniques – Theater – ages 9-12

This class offers industry tips of the trade for current audition best practices, including cold reading, reading sides, focused concentration, on-camera auditions, confidence-building techniques, resume preparation, headshot expectations, as well as what to wear and what to bring to an audition.

  • Broadway – Dance/Music – 4-12 years

Introduction to American musical theater is introduced with students acting and singing small excerpts from musicals pertaining to the camp’s theme or of the young artists’ choice.

  • Creative Movement – Dance – 4-12 years

Creative Movement/Ballet teaches basic fundamentals of ballet through structured games while building on necessary motor skills for general dance instruction. Each uses fun, upbeat music to learn basic skills like hopping, skipping, jumping, galloping, and balance coordination.

  • Introduction to Dance – Dance – 4-12 years

Introduction to Dance will teach varying styles of dance, including ballet, jazz, hip hop, modern, contemporary, tap, Broadway, partner, and even line dancing! Each class will expose the young dancers to the basics of the dance style while exploring different ways to move the body to a wide range of age appropriate music.

  • Music – General – 4-12 years

General music seeks to build students’ musical knowledge of notation, notes and rhythms. Students learn music theory, composition, and basic songwriting skills. These skills are practiced using vocals, various instruments, including instruments crafted by the young artists.

  • Music Together – Dance/Music – 4-5 years

With this internationally recognized discipline, young artists will learn twenty-five songs and activities that can be recreated at home. Classes build on the young artist’s natural enthusiasm for music and movement, providing the basic musical skills needed to enjoy school and social musical activities.

  • Photography – Visual Arts – 4-12 years

Basic photography skills will begin with learning how to capture the young artist’s surroundings while never losing a moment. Young artists will discover portraiture and performance, storyboard, layout, and how to visually interpret their surroundings, not just using their eyes, but also using all their senses. The class will teach young artists about the history of photography while building a collection of great photos. Editing and post-production will be included based on the class length and/or age of the young artists.

  • Private Lessons – Music – 4-12 years

Our staff of over 35 teaching artists, both working and retired artistic professionals, can tailor private lessons to any young artist looking to further his/her artistic abilities in a solo setting.

  • Set/Costume Design – Theater/Visual Arts – 4-12 years

Theater and art combine to create visual pieces complimenting a theater show from flats, to the proscenium, to backdrops, and costumes. This class will create a visual representation of the story, musical, play, book – previously existing or created by our young artists.

  • Stage Combat – Theater/Movement – 4-12 years

Beginning with unarmed “hand-to-hand” combat and learning how to fall, this class will give the student a safe and reliable set of combat techniques for use on stage and in front of the camera. As the class progresses, more advanced concepts will be outlined. Deliberate attention is always paid to safety, proper rehearsal methods and adequate preparation.

  • Theater – General – 4-12 years

Young artists learn basic theater terminology and staging, including monologues, dialogues, and playwriting as well as storytelling, both retelling and creating original works, pantomime, stage combat, audition techniques/preparation, and improvisation.

  • Filmmaking – Theater – 4-12 years

This class, offered only at camps and workshops a week in length or longer, will delve into the Hollywood of the South, creating a feature film from start to finish. Young artists will create an original story or an adaptation of a well-known story and break into teams of on-screen (actors and actresses) and off-screen production (director, costume design, props, sound, lighting). Camera work and editing will be done by our teaching artist unless the length of the class/workshop allows for time to cover these concepts.

  • Visual Arts – General – 4-12 years

Using traditional and non-traditional media, young artists create original works of art. Technical drawing skills are practiced each class and students experiment with skills involving proportion, perspective and value using various drawing mediums including graphite, colored pencils, and pen and ink. Through painting projects young artists learn about color theory, color mixing and differing paint applications on both paper and canvas.

  • Yoga – Movement – 4-12 years

This class practices fun-filled yoga poses and breathing exercises to promote physical strength, flexibility; concentration, focus and attention; inner strength and body awareness; confidence and self-esteem; relaxation and self-control; and a sense of well-being and respect for others. Young artists will imitate animals and nature, use creative expression, games, music, art, and storytelling.