George Reed Jr. Memorial creARTive Grant Fund

George Reed Jr. was a husband, a father, and a welder. He learned to weld from his father as a teenager and used this skill in his career at Structural Steel for 34 years. It’s no coincidence George spent his life as a welder. Welding is much more than melting two pieces of metal together. It’s a work of art that takes dedication and passion to create a solidified connection, a stronger bond, an intertwined whole. To his family—his wife of over 50 years and their three daughters—George was not only a welder, he was a man of steel. Steel is often used to frame buildings, support walls, and floors, and provide structure. That is exactly what he did for his family. George was the steel, the foundation on which his marriage was founded, and his family was supported. He surrounded his home with creativity, love, laughter, and compassion. He produced artwork to create beauty for others to enjoy, donating countless pieces to Upturn Arts fundraisers throughout the years. If you were lucky enough to meet George, he always left you better than he found you. Whether through laughter or one of his signature pranks, it was clear George was dedicated to crafting a stronger bond.

George most certainly was made of steel. His laugh, smile, and unwavering strength will live in our hearts forever.

In honor of George, the father of Upturn Arts founder and Executive Director, the George Reed Jr. Memorial creARTive Grant Fund has been established. Donations to this fund will be used to offer financial aid to families in need.