Upturn Arts mission is to provide “Arts for All!” and will not turn away a young artist due to a family’s inability to pay. Fifty percent (50%) of the children who attend Upturn Arts’ programming are provided with scholarships on a sliding scale based on his/her guardians’ financial situation. We offer various scholarship amounts ranging from 22% – 100% of tuition paid for families who make $65,000 or less. Scholarship amounts are based on family size, income, special circumstances, and Upturn Arts’ current funding situation.

spring break & Summer camp scholarships

Parents who are interested in receiving financial aid for Spring Break Camp, Mini May Camp, and/or Summer Camp 2017, must submit an inquiry with the age(s) of the young artist(s) to Alli at with the following beginning Wednesday, March 1:

– 2016 tax form for the Head of Household listing the young artist(s) as a dependent(s)*

The application period will close on Saturday, April 15. Applications received after April 15 will be added to the waitlist.

Scholarships are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Young Artists with an outstanding balance will not be considered for future financial aid until the balance is paid off.

All scholarships are subject to a non-refundable $30 deposit per child, per session, in addition to a $4.95 registration fee and a one-time supply fee of $5. Balances are due in full one week prior to the start of the session.

Payment plans are available.

*2015 tax returns will not be accepted. For special circumstances, please contact us at 504-390-8399.