Our Story

“Every time a child takes a bow, they come up taller.”

Can you visualize it? Standing on stage presenting your artwork, singing a song, performing a dance and then taking a bow? As soon as you stand up, you smile, feel proud and confident, and grow a little taller.

That is what we do at Upturn Arts. We guide our young artists in safe and encouraging environments to explore their creativity, find their unique voice, and walk out of our doors more confident, empowered, and – better yet – taller.

We want to connect with everyone who comes into our space to discover, collaborate, and respect each other’s uniqueness to build a supportive community. By creating with each other – artists, friends, family, and supporters – we all stand a little bit taller.

Our Purpose

“You can never take away an upturn.
It will live in a child forever.”


When you think of an “upturn,” you might envision a stock chart that has jumped up in price in one day, minute, or second. Well, that chart is much like our young artists’ experience in our programs. They create, create, and create. Then one day, minute, or second, they experience an “upturn” – that “aha” moment of “I did it!”, “Look at me!” and “I’m so proud of myself!”

Our goal at Upturn Arts is to inspire as many upturns as possible. We train our teaching staff of professional working artists on our methodology so they have the autonomy to teach their craft in their way and encourage our young artists to explore each art activity in a positive, supportive environment. At Upturn Arts, we combine creativity, support, and encouragement so upturns occur daily.

And, the best thing about “upturns?” No matter what happens later in life – just like the history of a stock – you can never take an upturn away. It will live in that young artist forever.

Our story can be told through the thousands of young artists, working artists, and supporters who have entered our doors, joined our community, and left just a bit taller. Our vision of Upturn Arts – Arts for All – continues to thrive in the New Orleans community to provide affordable, quality arts programming to give young artists upturns.

Our Mission

Upturn Arts is a fun and creative program that teaches children in the New Orleans community to explore and build confidence in themselves through artistic expression. Our vision is to provide “Arts for All.”

Upturn Arts believes collaboration breeds artistic creativity and confidence in our young artists. Our programs give every child the freedom to express themselves in a safe, encouraging, and positive environment regardless of artistic talent or ability.


Our Core Values


Upturn Arts provides a creative space for arts education to foster friendship and community through the creation of art. We value collaboration over competition, artistic growth over solos, and original works over repertoire.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Upturn Arts welcomes individuals and families of all identities and from all circumstances to our community. We are dedicated to creating a diverse, inclusive environment that thrives on mutual respect and communication. Learning from our mistakes is a process we value and cultivate in our students, partners and ourselves.

Creativity and Fun

Upturn Arts strives to boost the confidence of every child, regardless of artistic talent or ability. We celebrate our young artists’ limitless creativity, and encourage individual growth and collaboration by integrating silliness, adventure and positive attitudes in everything we do.


Upturn Arts recognizes and respects each person’s contribution to our organization. We model kind and respectful behavior and hold ourselves accountable for our choices. We expect everyone in the Upturn Arts community to do the same so our young artists and their teachers thrive in a healthy and safe environment.

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