Meet Raya

An all around stellar young artist, Raya always impresses the program staff with her quiet confidence and ease in which she flows through the camp day. Quick to make friends, always participating in whatever art class she is in, and on point at labeling her artwork are just a few basic consistent traits that let […]

Meet Tallulah

In many ways Tallulah is Quin in 5 years. She will be the first to tell you that she is a lot, but it is also why in her best moments, she is one of the most empathetic young artists we have ever worked with in advocating for her fellow peers that, unlike her, struggle […]

Meet Giuseppe, aka, Joey

This is another case of a photograph perfectly capturing the spirit of a young artist named Joey. He and his older brother Monty are camp regulars and are each very talented in their own ways of keeping us on our toes. While Monty plays the older brother role to a tee and has a big […]

Meet Winter

An Upturn Arts mainstay, Winter is so much fun to have in camp. She knows the ropes of how to model our young artist expectations, and is always willing to help out staff, acclimate new campers, and just be an all around general morale booster. Unafraid to be herself, Winter loves to crack jokes, and […]

Meet Laura

I know it is early, but if Laura does not have a career in the arts it would be shocking as she always has the coolest art projects to take home from camp. It helps that her older brother Dontrell, another Upturn Arts young artist, sets an impressionable example by carrying a sketchbook with him […]

Meet Quin

This young artist has made quite the impression since coming to camp. Quin may in fact be the literal energizer bunny in disguise, as she has a seemingly limitless motor and superhuman strength for her size, and could probably set the Guinness World Record for hanging from a cafe countertop. She has to her credit […]

Meet Hope and Abigail

These two lovely young artists are great additions to the Upturn Arts family in their own right, and together represent one of the many siblings that we are lucky to work with. This allows for added developmental opportunities for them as a supportive unit and individually unique aesthetic artists and performers. Hope is one of […]

Meet Luca

Talk about an awesome young artist who is quickly coming out of his shell, Luca has shown lots of growth in his listening skills and ability to engage with his peers during studio time. We have learned that he often needs a ‘pick me up’ snack in the afternoon and some time to run around […]