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Help Us Provide Arts for All!

Reach out if you are interested in joining, supporting, or partnering with us to provide Arts for All!

Upturn Arts is an independent arts education and community organization supported by our partners, volunteers, and donors. Our programming would not be possible without the working artists trained to teach their craft to our community, the parents of our young artists who encourage them to find their creative voice, and our core group of schools, community organizations and sponsors who make a true impact on our ability to provide Arts for All!

If you or your organization would like to support our mission, please contact a program coordinator below.

Young Advisory Board

You are a parent to a passionate Upturn Arts young artist and think they would enjoy working with Upturn Arts staff to champion the student experience. Upturn Arts is interested in forming a collection of young artists to discuss various aspects of the organization and their impact on our programming and events. Contact our program director Dr. Sam for more information.

Parent Advisory Board

You are a passionate parent to an Upturn Arts young artist and would like to get more personally involved as a behind-the-scenes contributor. Similar to the Young Advisory Board, the Parent Advisory Board seeks the feedback and input of parents to offer fresh perspectives on our programs, events, and fundraising efforts. Contact our program director Dr. Sam for more information.

School Partner

You work for a youth educational facility in need of external staffing, curricular development, and program implementation for arts enrichment, integration, or tailored teacher professional development. Contact our program manager Jill to discuss your anticipated project objectives.

Community Organization

You are a community steward of arts and culture interested in collaborating on programming and events to serve a common audience. Upturn Arts is always looking for opportunities to forge new connections and increase our reach to our youth and family audiences. Contact our outreach coordinator with any and all ideas.


You are a business owner or local vendor looking to support arts programming for underserved youths in your community. Upturn Arts and our development team would love to hear from you to brainstorm joint fundraising efforts, financial sponsorship and in-kind donations. Contact our special projects director Kirkland Green to discuss sponsorship opportunities.


You are a socially conscious individual who loves the visual and performing arts, energetic children (and adults) and the creative explosion that happens when those two meet. There are many ways to help Uptun Arts achieve our vision of delivering Arts for All! You can donate your time for student service hours, help chaperone a field trip, or become a committee or board member, providing us your experience and expertise. Contact our program coordinator to learn about volunteering for Upturn Arts.