In many ways Tallulah is Quin in 5 years. She will be the first to tell you that she is a lot, but it is also why in her best moments, she is one of the most empathetic young artists we have ever worked with in advocating for her fellow peers that, unlike her, struggle to be confident. More often than not Tallulah manages to swing momentum back in the positive direction when making the attentive and engaged effort needed to reach her full potential. She has great leadership instincts, but can often struggle to stay committed to the process, easily stimulated and distracted by her surroundings. She is learning to self regulate in these moments to reset as she begins to better identify and appreciate more the impact her behavior has on our youngest artists, and how her body language, speaking tone, and overall demeanor comes off. Her little brother Christian also comes to camp and we very much look forward to seeing them both again soon, and checking in on their overall and artistic growth over the past several months.